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Are you writing to your (future) kids?

Your kids will stalk the shit out of you. Online. Yep. I’m not here to censor you or limit you in anyway, I’m just here to let you in on a little prediction… just something I’m prettttt-tty sure will happen in the future.
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – all so very sporadic and fleeing. Quickly captured moments of bliss or boredom… *BLEEEERTT* except, the moment might be fleeing, but the print is forever D:

And what better tool to start with than Facebook? A website designed for you to capture the now because it is always a future past. And with the Timeline layout, it is only the more inviting to go fill in the blanks between your birth and 2000-whenever you got Facebook. But it’s okay if you don’t… I’m sure there’s enough from 2010+/- and onwards, to have your kids laughing at the way you used Facebook, back in the day.

I think it’s a funny perspective to look at things we post online. I especially notice the posts where we nag and are demotivated to do the vital, responsible, important things in life, like going to work. Especially if it becomes a series of the same demotivated theme…or a series of any one dimensional theme, actually… you know your kids will stalk that shit one day?

I’m not saying be happy 24/7 – I’m saying something more in the lines of, awareness of the online being real, being a depiction of who you are, might just make what you share fuller.

I think it’s a funny perspective to look at things we post online. Especially with the people I know in real time, it is already peculiar to express myself here, to them. Anything you find with me online, anywhere, is me. It’s reality. It’s an opinion in a situation, a thought in development, a well-thought expression, a bad angle, a good angle, younger me, wiser me, drunker me.

When was the last time you expressed yourself fake/unreal online? (I’m assuming the fewest do this)

Now: Would you say the online and digital is unreal? Does the term URL(UnReal Life) describe your behavior through a keyboard?

^Feel free to answer… although, it’s meant as a rhetorical question to be elaborated on later.