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Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe

It’s Friday! I’ve handed in my last exam paper for this semester and it’s time to chill. I’ll do my chillin’ with Kendrick, Rebecca & Fiona and Blackmill – who do you do your chilling with?

Rebecca & Fiona with Giliap

Blackmill with Lucid Truth

+ and an extra with Kendrick (aiming to go see his show at Vega next month!

I’ll share the dinner recipe for tonight as well, cuz maybe you need some inspiration for your dinner 😛

A handful of Pasta(you know, circle thumb and index finger as if you’re saying “Magnifique!”)
A bunch of green pesto
Two filets of salmon
A garlic or two
Fried sliced funghi, a bunch!
(serves two/three cute bellies)

And I’d have a sweet white wine with it, if it wasn’t for the alcohol monopoly in this sweet country of Sweden…. or if I weren’t so lacking in interest to make my way to Systembolaget 😉