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A little something bubbly…. (Shift Happens)

There is something about bubbles, specifically these bubbles, that get me really excited. Feel for yourself, watch the 4 minutes Hans Rosling goes through the statistics of the worlds health and wealth over the past 200 years!

Hans Rosling is a professor in Global Health and I came to know about his work by stumbling upon his website Gapminder.

More often that not, when someone presents a work of passion, I will listen. And Rosling makes me listen, watch and be enthusiastic! I believe working with statistics should be made this simple. It takes grand work, and leads to the common individual getting to see and understand the core issues and developments on our planet. Beautiful!
There is no need to be exclusive nor elitist, when doing acknowledged work in an acknowledged institution! I believe Knowledge is something we collect and gain, with a responsibility of sharing. How else would you make Shift happen?

It’s the 3 essentials of a strong community: Know your history, know where you stand, know where to go – Go!

And all these little bubbles rising to the top, that is Our Community ❀ (… let’s just hope no one takes a slurp and swallows us all in one gulp 😩

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