Heartcore for a new and more inclusive normal

Twin Peaks sucks! Or wait, it’s a classic… Around the halfway mark, it got really… really… hard to keep following. I have a feeling that the ending will make me understand the ‘Classic’ of it all – but so far meh. Last night, a friend of mine shared he’s watching it. I commented “omg, so hard to get through!” and he told me to keep watching.. so it’s been on my mind a little today.
During dinner this episode of Darkwing Duck came on – apart from the fact that I fangirled over Darkwing Duck showing on my TV – the episode was a parody/whatever it’s called on Twin Peaks! And yep, the cows are not what you think, and there seems to me some Aliens around…. and huge cabbage…. so you could say, the plot vaguely gets exposed…. 😉 But for the better! Now I’ll take it on me, to finish this long haul of a fucking tv series classic!

In the comments below, tell me what makes it a classic and how Twin Peaks has affected TV series, sci-fi, crime shows etc. in the years following! I’d highly appreciate it, and you’d get to reminisce in a classic. So, shoot!


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