Heartcore for a new and more inclusive normal

In the year 1637 one would actually paint one’s breakfast! I have proof! 1637 Breakfast


And even in 1950 one would also paint the breakfast.

So stop ranting on the meal pictures on instagram, we’ve come a long way! 400 years ago We had to paint it!

I went to the National Gallery of Ireland today. Very nice to see paintings 🙂 and apart from that, I feel like I’ve just been eating all day haha Cheers!

And to make sure you all know what I had for dinner:

Bubblin Dublin!







Having the best day in Bubblin Dublin! To see where I’ve been today check out my foursquare (okhipster) and my instagram is of course w basically all these pictures as well.

We also shot a quick video at Guinness haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owbDvdOl45E&feature=youtube_gdata_player


In Photos: Hipster Travel Day


http://instagr.am/p/VtXy4dIMgN/ First departure was from my town, by train. Had a nice conversation about airports with a lady, with whom I agreed Copenhagen Airport is of a perfect size and nicely calm.


http://instagr.am/p/Vts78IIMkh/ MadGlad – I got a tip of this wonderful community kitchen-type cafeteria/diner in central Copenhagen. On a side street to Istedgade, which is also the street known for its sex/junkie area glory days. Although this area (Vesterbro) is undergoing gentrification supported by the government in the next 4 years, it’s still got its rougher edge. Kids families and the well-to-do singles are settling in this area the past years, hence the popularity of it are topping and it’s a good bet on it being the Hipster area of Copenhagen.


http://instagr.am/p/Vt2LQqoMgL/ The diner is called MadGlad (FoodHappy) and serves luscious and tasty foods, home made of course and always with vegetarian dishes as well as meaty ones. Big recommendation from here! It’s great for students and low budget visitors as it’s also cheap.


http://instagr.am/p/Vt43u5IMjj/ Din Nye Ven – Your New Friend, this is a bar/cafe which I find really cozy and awesome. I haven’t been here during bar times, but there’s a foosball table and the brick stone surroundings set the atmosphere towards a store room feel, but in a really positive way. Try the house’s lemonade! It’s heavenly refreshing! ❤


http://instagr.am/p/Vt-ovHIMrH/ Copenhagen Airport seem to be undergoing renovations all the time, but it’s never really a bother. There’s plenty of shops, both material and foods. Of course at the expensive airport prices, but coming here a little early won’t hurt. Tip: Check-in machines on the metro level are often free and carry many companies, if you get there at a crowded time, go here for shorter/no queue.


http://instagr.am/p/VuC40gIMgP/ We had airport drinks! A strawberry mojito and a classic lime mojito at The Bar(Mama Vodka). Expensive shit but they were good! I almost went with the Long Island Iced Tea 😛 Maybe next time….

I’ll leave you hanging for now to see where I’m going hehe follow up tomorrow – plenty of pics, and maybe even a video coming up! 😀

(or keep an eye out on http://www.instagram.com/okpenguin)

Idag är till för imorgon!

Jag vill bara ha att imorgon kommer och jag skal på äventyr. Saknar något så jävligt att göra saker! Ta bilder! Höra andra leva! Äta nytt mat! Dricka öl! Höra jobbig musik radio! Checka in! Likna en tönt! Sova i dåliga sängar! Känna att jag lever! Vill inte ens blogga om alla dessa ämnen som är i huvudet – jag har fortfarande 78 dagar att få gjort det på! 😀 och här är en liten bild på en sak jag ritade i förrgårs 🙂


Se en animation jag gjort 🙂

To be continued…

If you’re not careful, you will hear Society tell you to be many things at once. And some times it’s best not to listen. Close your ears and eyes, turn them inwards and hear what your mind and heart tells you.

Here’s a touching song, that gives a perspective on how media and people are forcing ideals on girls and women. You may say it’s easy to ignore. It’s a stupid ad/article/song/music video/story/etc… that this does not affect you and only affects people who are looking for trouble/attention/etc (or however a justifying sentence you can come up with might sound) but the truth is: It hits us all and we are all here to struggle with expectations, or general ideas of how we’re supposed to be. Because Society speaks louder to us, than any loved one ever did. And I hope for everyone out there, you’ll refocus what you hear and who speaks to you.

It’s bullshit! Don’t listen to it. Find medias and people who will encourage you to prosper and love yourself and others, for who they are. Even if what they do, is listen to Society a little too much… you’ll learn and pass it on by being you.

This one goes out to all girls and women, who in their struggle with society, struggle with themselves even harder ❤


I Know Girls (Body Love) by Mary Lambert

I know girls who are trying to fit into the social norm
like squeezing into last year’s prom dress
I know girls who are low rise, mac eyeshadow, and binge drinking
I know girls that wonder if they’re disaster and sexy enough to fit in
I know girls who are fleeing bombs from the mosques of their skin
Playing russian roulette with death; it’s never easy to accept
That our bodies are fallible and flawed
but when do we draw the line?
When the knife hits the skin?
Isn’t it the same thing as purging,
because we’re so obsessed with death,
Some women just have more guts than others
The funny thing is women like us don’t shoot
We swallow pills, still wanting to be beautiful at the morgue,
Still proceeding to put on make-up,
Still hoping that the mortician finds us fuckable and attractive
We might as well be buried with our shoes,
and handbags and scarves, girls
We flirt with death everytime we etch a new tally mark
Into our skin
I know how to split my wrists like a battlefield too
but the time has come for us to
Reclaim our bodies
Our bodies deserve more than to be war-torn and collateral,
Offering this fuckdom as a pathetic means to say,
“I only know how to exist when I’m wanted”
Girls like us are hardly ever wanted you know
We’re used up and sad and drunk and
Perpetually waiting by the phone for someone to pick up
And tell us that we did good
You did good.
(I know I am because I said am, my body is home)
So try this
Take your hands over your bumpy love body naked
and remember the first time you touched someone
With the sole purpose of learning all of them
Touched them because the light was pretty on them
and the dust in the sunlight danced the way your heart did
Touch yourself with a purpose
Your body is the most beautiful royal
fathers and uncles are not claiming your knife Anymore
Are not your razor, no
Put the sharpness back
Lay your hands flat and feel the surface of scarred skin
I once touched a tree with charred limbs
The stump was still breathing
but the tops were just ashy remains,
I wonder what it’s like to come back from that
Sometimes i feel a forest fire erupting from my wrists
And the smoke signals sent out are the most Beautiful things
I’ve ever seen
Love your body the way your mother loved your baby feet
And brother, arm wrapping shoulders, and remember,
This is important:
You are worth more than who you fuck
You are worth more than a waistline
You are worth more than any naked body could proclaim
In the shadows, more than a man’s whim
or your father’s mistake
You are no less valuable as a size 16, than a size 4
You are no less valuable as a 32A than a 36C,
Your sexiness is defined by concentric circles within your wood;
You are a goddamn tree stump with leaves sprouting out:

Rejsen før rejsen

Jeg skal ud at rejse snart. Jeg skal rejse et nyt sted hen! Yay! Og som en del andre gange før, så opsøger jeg oplysninger om hvor jeg skal hen i forvejen. Jeg tjekker Google Maps og ser hvor jeg skal bo, ser på byen med satellitbillederne og så går jeg mere bestemt til værks: Hvor skal jeg spise når jeg er der? Hvad skal jeg se? Hvilke LGBTQ-steder findes der i området, har de nogle arrangementer mens jeg er der? Sker der noget specielt i byen, i det hele taget, i de dage?

Ualmindeligvis har jeg denne gang også lånt en gammel Pilot Guides dvd om landet oven i en bunke rejsebøger om byen. Endda en historiebog, der dækker lidt af alt det landet har været igennem!

Jeg anvender Foursquare, Facebook events og Twitter. Jeg sniffede ellers til Couchsurfing, men det må vente til en anden god gang. Jeg skal nemlig kun være der i 3 dage, så virker det sådan lidt åndssvagt at skulle møde en fremmed og vises rundt – det havde været mere aktuelt at skulle crashe på en sofa(man kan begge dele gennem dem). Især når jeg, til trods for det jeg indtil videre har sat mig ind i, regner med at være spontan med hvad jeg skal gøre og hvornår. Jeg bruger nemlig alle de små fif og tips som vejledende til bare at vide, hvilke muligheder der er. Tænk nu, hvis der findes noget helt fantastisk der, som alle bare taler om er en must-see/taste/feel/listen?

Jeg synes det er finurligt, hvor meget jeg kan sætte mig ind i, før jeg skal et sted hen. Det er lige før jeg er sikker på ikke at blive væk på gaderne, fordi jeg allerede nu har en anelse om hvilke områder jeg skal bevæge mig i mellem. Men det er stadig blandet med den spontanitet der fører mig derhen, for tro mig, det var nærmest en overraskelse der kom bag på mig 😛

Jeg ser frem til at rejse med forberedelse i bagagen, som skal bringe mig nye og uventede oplevelser 🙂

Hvor jeg skal hen, og hvornår det sker, undrer du? Tja, det er på torsdag…. Så må vi jo se hvilke billeder der dukker op på bloggen til den tid 😉

Grönsaksdröm – recept

Jättesnabb och sund mat, lätt som en plätt i ugnen! Smälter på tungen!
Skär upp allt i små bitar, blanda med lite buljong, olja och krydd. I fat, i ugn. Färdigt.

  1. Morot
  2. Paket Feta
  3. En relativt liten purjolök
  4. Halv lök
  5. Önskat mängd av vitlök
  6. 3/4 av relativt liten/normal paprika av önskat färg
  7. Några Selleri, typ 4
  8. ca. 200-250g kött av egen val. Jag körte 225g chorizo idag

Du kan självklart blanda upp vilka grönsaker som helst –
Kör i ugnen i typ 30 minuter på 225c, dra ut, ta på 1dl creme fraiche på toppen, in igen i 5 minuter. Ta-daa lätt som en plätt! Käka upp med kokt fullkornspasta eller ris till.

Och om du inte har sett kvällens Uppdrag Granskning kring “Män som Näthatar Kvinnor”, så gör det NU för jag är så rörd och upprört som helst efter ha sett det programmet. Vilken kamp vi måste kämpa. Allihop.
Följer så mycket bra reaktion på twitter – wippiiii – hoppas på bra debatt kring polisen och andra institutioner. Ansvaret för anmälan som görs och hur vi kommer åt hatarna så de kan sluta, bli bättre människor och kanske även debattörer.

Men wore heels, then women, then no one, then porn stars, then you.

The interesting, quick and unexpected read of today: The history of high heels.

Reason 1: It’s always interesting how definitions of masculinity and femininity shifts through the acquiring of certain qualities of behavioral or material nature. The fight for pertaining integrity and the power to define one’s domination of either gender or class.

Reason 2: The identifying of the elite and the qualities one “must” internalize to be part of it, is interesting. How the distinction is made, for which reasons etc. are telling of the societal context. The need for distinction from other groups, the fight for the right to be a certain identity is interesting as well. The most contemporary one is defining and identifying the Hipster, which I think is endlessly interesting.


Tipsade en om att gå till Hampstead Heath, när hen åker till London i våren. Så mina få tankar som har tänkts idag gick kring London. Jag har varit där några gånger, men alla gånger i typ 5 dagar, och med jobb att se till, så jag känner London… men på det tråkiga sättet. London är en stad som känns som att jag varit där förr, därför typ alla har varit där och delad kort på stan. Turistattraktionerna är väldigt ointressanta, för mig. Men det finns en fin atmosfär där, som jag gillar. Den där känsla av något speciellt, något äkta bland alla de oäkta.

London är lite som den tjej, en har träffat lite här och där… har leet och sagt hej hej, när vi passerar varann… men hon har liksom det där blick i ögonen… det där blick som kallar en dit.. Så nu börjar jag samla modet till att gå upp till henne och kasta ett leende och ba “Tjaaa… läget? låt oss träffas på riktigt en dag? ;)” Så kanske det blir en lite längre fling där charmen och skrattet syns och hörs, och vi kan vara närmare varann. Det vore ju perfekt.

Kolla upp linken, det finns kort på Hampstead Heath. En vacker park nord om stan – där finns den vilde tjejs lugnande ro, i alla fall.

Idag vill jag krypa till kojs och drömma om en spring fling eller lite summer lovin’ 😉